Cortona Museums

Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum is located in front of the Cathedral, inside the architectural complex named “Del Gesù”. The museum is composed of 9 salons and hosts masterpieces dating from the II century a.C. to today modern art mainly coming from the local churches and here protected for security reasons. Here you can find important paintings by Luca Signorelli, Pietro Lorenzetti and Beato Angelico.

The most important painting is the annunciation “L' Annunciazione” by Beato Angelico; also a must see are the paintings by Luca Signorelli, born in Cortona around the year 1455 who died in 1523, one of the most important Italian renaissance painters.

Museo MAEC

The Etruscan Museum also known as Maec was funded in the XVIII century. The original core was given, as a gift to the town, by the monk Onofrio Baldelli in 1727 who gave his collection and library of the Etuscan Academy. From the studies of the Academy derived the movement of the “etruscheria” and from the evolution of this was born archaeology.

The museum is particularly rich thank to the findings discovered in the Cortona territory, or donated by the associates. Today the museum has some of the most important archaeological findings of the world.